What is a KXCO?

The KXCO Armature is a proprietary blockchain that was developed to handle complex financial transactions and is using a proof-of-Authority validation concept. The KXCO Armature was built with KYC, AML, and Banking regulations in mind with a focus on the speed of transactions. KXCO offers the following features:

  • Proof-of-Authority (PoA)

    Validation of on-chain activity within the Armature is done through permissioned and pre-approved validators that are being given the role of authorizing the transactions. POA is a modified form of PoS where instead of staking with a monetary value, a validator’s identity performs the role of stake.

  • Elastic Armature

    An extensive amount of work is required to set up a sidechain because infrastructure must be created from scratch. KXCO’s technology automatically makes the sidechain when a new coin pair is added to the chain. Chains can then be separated, isolated, and enhanced for specific functions.

  • Beehive Model

    The idea is to use a sidechain for each bank/client. Each sidechain can be bridged to one another and as such communicate with each other without having access to each other and can be developed individually.

  • Regulation Adept

    The KXCO Chain was built with KYC, AML as well as Financial regulation and official reporting in mind.

  • High Speed

    Transaction per second reaches up to 700,000 TPS. In comparison, Solana reaches 55,000 TPS and Bitcoin 7 TPS.

  • Full Traceability

    KXCO was built with the ability to provide full traceability and transparency to allow for quick and easy transactions and settlements.

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