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Our electronic trading solutions are complemented by an iterative approach to execution quality that allows us to effectively respond to changes in client needs and evolving markets. By constantly evaluating performance with a variety of historical and real-time data, our team can help clients achieve their objectives and trade with confidence.

The KXCO platform utilizes the functions of the KXCO Blockchain. We settle all buys, incorporate regulations, proper governance and in the complicated Digital Asset markets we get you the best price every time.

The KXCO platform runs on our proprietary Blockchain and utilizes its Cross-Dimension Capabilities to provide a seamless transaction across many different currencies, markets and chains.

Entirely cloud agnostic, thus not dependent on a single architecture jurisdiction or operating system.

You can trade anywhere with the KXCO™ web App. Full iOS, Android and Windows Support. KXCO™ has been designed as an inclusive Web app available from our website ( We have opted to remain independent from any application store’s (Apple’s App Store, Android’s Play Store, etc.)

Institutional Traders

KXCO's ability to access and clear global exchanges makes us a true solution provider for institutions looking for a clearing and execution partner for accessing futures markets via voice or electronic systems.

We can offer guidance in clearing and execution solutions through pricing and market access via our 24 Hour Execution Desk or an electronic order entry. Among the types of institutional clients that we service are professional traders, CTA /CPO, Banks, Broker Dealers and Introducing Brokers. We can price and structure customized services for direct market access or a customized turnkey back office facilities management solution.

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